Cides Engineering Consult was established with a mission of assuring our technical consultation and expertise meet the need of our stakeholders, and helps them in shaping their dreams.

As a Chairman of CiDes Engineering Consult Pvt. Ltd, I am proud of the important strides that we have achieved since the day of our establishment. But, there is still more to do. And as we move forward in the future, we continue to think strategically and use our experience and the knowledge gained during the period to enhance the capability to introduce new and breathtaking engineering practices in the country and worldwide.

With increasing trend of Globalization, we continue to think globally and focus on giving desired outputs through our intense work in the field of Engineering. We remain committed to making investments in research areas that show new engineering opportunity and promise, are pliable to rigorous scientific inquiry, nurture discovery and innovation, and have an impact on overall aspect of development of Engineering and technology.

We assure our valued customers to give what we meant to give, as our motto says we are here to “Shape Your Dreams”

Thank You,

Er. Bishal Thapa