Our Services

CiDes Engineering consult has been engaged in providing various engineering consultation and design services in Nepal. The major area of service that CiDes Engineering has been providing is Design, Supervision and construction of commercial and residential buildings. Apart from this, it has been successful to provide services in field like Non-Destructive Testing of Buildings, Soil Test and detail assessment and valuation of properties (Land and Building)

Planning and Design

Cides Engineering Consult has a dedicated team of Engineers and Architect for planning and design works. We have been planning and designing all types of building which includes residential buildings, Commercial Buildings, etc. Further, design of roads and bridges are also done. 

Construction and Supervision

We have a good team which specializes in construction and supervision works. Our field of expertise lie under every type of building construction and project management. We acquire all types of manpower and resources required in a construction project and a management team which is devoted to utilize the manpower and resource in an efficient and effective way.

Property Valuation

We also conduct valuation of the property. Valuation of both land and Building is done and a detailed report is provided.

Damage Assessment and NDT

We also conduct building damage assessment and non-destructive tests (NDT). Visual inspection of buildings is done and Non- destructive tests like Schmidt Hammer test, Ultrasonic pulse velocity, rebar locater, etc. is also conducted.